OPINION: Twinings Liquorice Allsorts Earl Grey

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


Producer: Twinings

Price: £4.29 for 15

I for one can not stand the taste of Earl Grey tea despite having tried many variants of it over the years, it is one tea that I will not and do not buy. Something about the bergamot flavouring doesn’t sit right with me and it is a taste that I really do not enjoy. I am however open minded enough to try new things so when I saw these my first impression was see how well it works.

On first opening the packet, the smell is really pleasant, the licquorice aroma is reasonably strong but not in a way that is over powering yet it is dominant enough to mask that usual washing up liquid scent that I previously remember my previous taste of Earl Grey to be on a par with.

Once brewed the scent is strong yet pleasant and the first taste finds the previously unpleasant citrusy taste to be replaced by that of sweet liquorice. This hasn’t by any means made me a fan of Earl Grey tea again but it does enough so that I would be happy to drink it again. In terms of what I think to this, it is probably one of those teas that will sit in my cupboard and I will drink it once in a while, a box of 15 would last me a year easily!

Happy to have tried it but wouldnt be unhappy if I didn’t have it again, at best it adds a new dimension to the soapy Earl Grey taste, at worst I’m indifferent to it.


  1. Shaun Brown says:

    Best tea I’ve ever had !!

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