Tea snobbery

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was wondering when did drinking tea become so elitist and also so daunting to the vast majority out there. I write that as a person who loves tea and have done for a while now. I remember being younger and having tea from the pot with a milk jug and a sugar bowl before we all became so taken in by the simplicity and ease of use that a teabag offers.

Then I became like many other people out there and as I have got older I began building up a collection of various teas and fruity combinations in teabag form, from huge companies right down to smaller producers it gave my first real insight into the variety of teas out there. At this point I learned I hated Earl Grey and didn’t care too much about Lapsang Souchong either and you can keep your darjeelings as well.

This year I took an interest in loose tea and as such have started to build a varied selection of leaf teas from various countries and regions and have an appreciation of what each one brings – how they all have a different flavour that is unique to them.

As I learned more I began researching more an it feels like there is a real element of tea snobbery on the internet where people are very quick to come accross as elitist wih their tea knowledge [ http://www.marshaln.com/ ] or are quick to criticise those whom enjoy and write about tea [ http://driftwoodtea.com/blogs/that-driftwood-tea-blog/9248653-how-fresh-are-online-tea-reviews ] which in my own opinion isn’t a wise move to have a go at those whom are interested in trying and potentially buying your products.

Here on MBT I have a philosophy – tea is for everyone and I like to keep it simple. I’m not going to baffle anyone with complex terminology but I do want to share my experience with you and to say what teas I enjoyed and why and sometimes do they justify the price?

Keep it simple and do it well – tea drinking is not a form of snobbery and elitism and it is something that I feel we need to move away from if drinking loose tea is going to be something that gains more converts to appreciate how fantastic it really is. You don’t need to impress me with your vast knowledge of pu-erh tea or which is the best teapot and why – it is just your opinion anyway. Tea is something for us all and the more daunting and complex and fancy it all looks then the less people it is going to win over.

I ask my wife why she doesn’t drink tea – her answer is “it looks like a lot of faff just for a brew” and for all my protestations the whole image of loose tea and who it appeals to needs to change. Yes there will always be fine tea out there for the connoisseurs who want it but for all us normal people what are e doing to bring people into the fold when it all appears far too complex for the ever day person?



  1. I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. Tea is celebrated in so many different ways and there is room for everyone, no matter how nerdy or relaxed you choose to be about it.

  2. Shastliva says:

    You are a jerk, and a bloody worthless writer as well.

  3. Hi and thanks for both of your comments.

    Nicola – fully agree, when I used to drink wine I had favourite countries or grape types but thats as far as my kknowledge went.
    I feel the same with tea – what do I like and where from

    Shashtliva – I always welcome healthy debate and discussion. This is just my opinion on why loose tea is off putting to many people and how the terminology and complexity may seem confusing to those who want to try loose tea.

    If you disagree with me thats fine but I always like to hear other peoples views so perhaps you could say why? And I’m no expert writer, I just share what I feel however that may come out.

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