OPINION: Teapigs Spiced Winter Red Tea (Pyramids)

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized


Producer: Teapigs

Cost: £4.50 for 15

I sometimes find myself stuck when on an early turn in work the next day to be mindful of my caffeine intake from my tea drinking so looking towards decaffeinated teas doesn’t leave me a massive amount of choice and I can usually take or leave most fruity drinks and after a while I find rooibus tea can be pretty bland.

Step up Teapigs with their Spiced Winter Red blend, using rooibus as base and throwing all sorts of delightful ingredients into the mix, when you first brew it it smells AMAZING and that’s before you have even had the chance to taste it. I have sometimes found that certain flavoured teas fill the room with a beautiful aroma yet upon sampling loses a certain amount of the intensity for some reason.

Not so here although if I was to pick at anything it would be that the clove and cinnamon really do dominate the taste, not an issue for me as I love the flavour of both but it is quite clear in terms of the flavour as you are drinking it so please do bear that in mind.

I really enjoyed these, it adds a certain something to plain old rooibus but this tea doesn’t stray too close to being a chai flavour but has a certain appeal all of its own. And best of all I still get a great night sleep afterwards.

Price isn’t the cheapest but it is worth the cost, it is a delicious spicy and warming blend of taste and flavours for those cold winter nights.



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