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Purchased from: http://www.tea-and-coffee.com

Price: £1.50 for 50g



I wanted to try this as an alternative to Darjeeling, a tea that I am incredibly indifferent too. The dry aroma is pretty inconspicuous and gives nothing away at first. I brewed this with water just off the boil for around three minutes and watched as the leaves unfurled in my glass brewing pot.


This is a pretty tasteless tea and that may be down to poor quality leaves hence the low price. What I would say is that I wont be rushing out to buy it again and can’t say as I can reccommend it.


It brews to a lovely colour but doesn’t leap out at you taste wise or have any distinctive aroma. For the money I don’t feel let down but its just the blandness that really let’s it down.


  1. It is a very lovely colour! With that colour I find myself willing it to taste good, but I have long since realised it doesn’t work like that.

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