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Produced by: Whittards

Price: £16.00 p/ 100g

I see Darjeelings like I see champagnes or single malt whiskeys, just because they are viewed as a high quality product does not mean that I will like them any the more than anything else. I have had a mixed experience with these teas and have found some that I have tried to just be far too astringent and just not nice to drink. This Happy Valley Darjeeling kind of swung more into being likeable as it doesn’t suffer the astringent issues but it does leave a nice astringent taste on the tip of the tongue as an afterthought.


I got this as a free sample (hence the small quantity) but I wouldn’t buy it again. At that price point it would have to be something outstanding and this for me is nothing special I’m afraid. For the Darjeeling lovers you may well enjoy it but this hasn’t converted me.




Produced by: Whittards

Price: £9.00 per 50g

Hmmm oolongs… Like the red wine of the tea world for me, there used to be some that I loved and some that I wouldn’t use as a drain cleaner and so is the case with my on/off love of oolong teas. So this morning I tried something that had been sat in my collection for a while, primarily to finish the last of it off. 


Brewing it up for a few minutes at around 90 degrees, the little green pellets unfurled into lovely nice sized leaves and this is an oolong that sits closer to the green tea end of the scale. Taste wise it does take on a green tea flavour but with that certain something that tells you it is in the oolong family. No distinct flavours seem to leap out at you when drinking, it is pleasant but not something that I would buy again.