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We are very fortunate to have a great supplier of tea in the Northern retailer that is Booths. As a tea drinker living in Manchester we don’t have a great choice of supplier that we can turn to (ignoring Whittards that is) to restock on decent quality tea. Booths show how it should be done, stocking a wide selection of loose leaf tea in wuality sealed packaging and the best bit is the price.

Stocking around a dozen different types of tea on my last visit, I really enjoyed the Royal Assam, the All Day blend and the Orange Pekoe is delicious and refreshing. I bought a few green teas as well which I have yet to try but if my memory serves me rightly 3 x 125g bags were on offer at just £5.00. Decent quality loose tea at that price. Even if you bought one you didn’t like (I didn’t care for the Winter blend – too much Lapsang) then it really doesn’t matter.

If more shops cared about their tea and coffee as much as Booths do then it would be amazing but in a way i’m glad they don’t too. If I go in my local supermarket (Tesco) then the choice I have on loose tea is pitiful and it’s only recently they stocked higher end tea such as Teapigs and the Twinnings mesh tea sacks.

If you have a Booths nearby pay them a visit – there aren’t online sales yet but Amazon do carry some of their teas but there is a mark up on the price.

Well worth a visit.