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Produced by: Tealux

Price: £7.75 p/ 50g

For a country that is always associated with Green Tea I was interested in trying this black tea. I brewed it up just off the boil, it is quite fine sized pieces of tea that don’t give off any discernable aroma when brewing.


Once fully brewed you get a deep coloured brew similar to an Assam but to describe it’s taste is pretty difficult. If you are a black tea drinker that likes Indian, Ceylon or African black teas then you might find this not to your liking. It is pretty mellow for a black tea and a pleasant drink but its hard to put into words exactly what it tastes like! It’s one to try for yourselves to see what you think of it, would I buy it again? No, I’ve tried it and thats enough but as a curiosity I’m happy to have bought some.