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Another company that specialises in Sri Lankan teas? This was too good an opportunity to miss so for my next tea order I put in a bulk order for a variety of teas from this wonderful tea producing country. I ordered a mixture from a variety of estates totalling around £50~.


The order arrived the next day, all the teas in sealed bags tied with string and labelled clearly. Brewing notes came seperate with information about the tea and its estate and I also received several complimentary sample packs which was a really lovely and unexpected addition.


It shows that the person who runs this site clearly knows their teas and will help you with suggestions and ideas which for a new person to tea is a real bonus, it doesn’t feel like they are trying to sell to you but to help you select teas they think you will like.

The pricing is very reasonable too especially for the quality of what you are getting. At the time of writing this I’ve tried three of the teas and they are magnificent and tasty and refreshing. The brewing notes are very clear so as not to spoil your teas.


All in all I have no hesitation in recommending Monsoon Mountains Tea Company to you all. The helpful and attentive service plus top notch products is a winning combination, I have months of tea for what I paid and love trying the different varieties of Ceylon teas. If you place an order you will need to do so via PayPal or cheque but it didn’t take long to open an account and link it to my debit card.

Everything considered I would make another purchase from this company and look forward to seeing what new teas are available next year. Keep up the good work Rebecca.

Price: Very reasonable 8 / 10

Information: Excellent. Seperate brewing notes for every tea with information on its background. An improvement? Perhaps this could be printed on the packaging label 8 / 10

Packaging: Brilliant! It looks amazing, every tea having its own string sealed packaging, a real lovely touch. 9 / 10

Service: Really top notch – can not be faulted 10 / 10

Delivery: Arrived the next day! You really can’t fault that and kept informed of the progress throughout 10 / 10

Total: 45 / 50

0131 558 3263



Purchased from:  The Tea House, 15 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9PU

Price: £3.25 for 125g (Website currently being modernised – download the .PDF)


I had never tried a Nilgiri tea before and at that price for a decent sized bag it seemed worth trying it. I bought this when I was still very new to loose tea and all I seemed to enjoy was black tea or rooibus. Opening it up I put two spoonfuls in my pot




This is quite a fine black tea but as you can see there is a lovely blend – next job…brew it!




This brews to a lovely colour, not quite as dark as an Assam but it does smell lovely as its brewing away




This is a really delightful black tea, it doesn’t pack the same punch as an Assam but it doesn’t have that astringency either. This is a lovely tea from India and works so well just on its own or with a spoonful of honey.

There’s no real dominant flavours but with this there doesn’t need to be. This is just a lovely simple black tea and at that price you can’t really fault it either.




I like the idea of Assam teas when I need a real hard hitter of a tea but so far my experience with them has been a little bit hit and miss. Here I tried an Orangajuli – brewed just off the boil for around three and  a half minutes.


As I was nearing the end of the pack, this was brewed with the smaller particles of tea that remained but earlier brews had a lovely mixture of dark brown wiry leaves and lovely golden coloured dried tips.



Brewing gave that typical malty aroma you usually associate with an Assam but upon trying it I really didn’t like it.



Whilst a lovely amber-red colour, upon tasting it the astringency hits you really hard and this is very sharp and quite bitter tasting. I found that I couldn’t drink any more so the remainder got thrown away. If this isn’t an issue for you in terms of your tea tastes but for me this was an Assam I would not buy again.