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Produced by: Monsoon Mountains

Price: £18.00 p/ 100g

You know me and my love of Ceylon teas well this was one that was included as a sample pack. Brewing up at around 80 degrees, you get a lovely light delicate white tea similar to Silver Needle but this brew is just totally divine. It isn’t cheap but factor in the fact you can resteep this and it is worth the money.


I do like a nice white tea as it doesn’t have that certain green tea “taste” but is perfect for when you don’t want something as heavy as a black or a Pu-erh, This is a beautiful example and one that I would invest in but keep for special occasions. Taste wise it is very light with a slightly sweet taste to it but it is the really delicateness of this tea that is it’s strong point, this is the sort of tea you wouldn’t want to share with anyone! I really enjoyed this and if you want to splash some cash then get yourself some.