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Produced by: Twinings

Price: £4.29 for 15

Wanting to try something a little different, I liked the sound of this fruit tisane, perfect for those nights where you have an early morning start and you are skipping the caffeine. On first impression the tea temple looks full of lovely ingredients leaving plenty of room for movement within the cup area. One limitation I find with tea temples is that whilst allowing the use of better quality tea, the space within can sometimes be limited. No such issues here.


Upon brewing, I added the tea temple to a mug and added boiling water for three minutes. A small stir releases even more flavour and the colour within wits between an orange and a red hue. The aroma as you are making this is phenomenal, one of those tisanes that will catch other people’s attention wondering what that lovely smell is in the air. Upon tasting, the peach flavour is pretty intense and can be very sharp, a tisane that I found worked better once sweetened, on two occasions it worked well with sugar and even more so with honey.

What I did find missing was the supposed “ginger” aspect. I found that the fruityness of this drink overpowers any taste of ginger which was a real negative for me. The combination of the peach and ginger flavours could and should work well together but the peach flavouring in here wades in right from the start and smothers other flavours coming through.

That said it is a nice refreshing drink for an evening and may work well in the summer months too but I just found the inclusion of ginger felt like an afterthought and isn’t there in sufficient quantity for me to really enjoy this as much as I would have liked.