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Produced by: PMD Tea

Price: £5.50 for 50g

This was a curiosity tea that I was wanting to try – a smoky Ceylon. Now i’m no fan of Lapsang Souchong (it’s too intense) and I don’t mind Russian Caravan but this just get’s it right.


The dried tea is smoked over cinnamon bark which gives it a lovely smoky taste but this aftertaste lingers in your mouth even after you have drank the liquor. Whereas some smoked teas feel like you have swallowed an ashtray, this is just really tasty and at no point does the smokiness become too much or ruin the drinking experience. When brewing it looks like a pint of guiness, it really does go that dark in colour but this is just a nice balance of taste and flavour. Well done PMD!





Produced by: PMD Tea

Price: Not currently available

Another lovely free sample from the nice people at PMD, I brewed this up to find a typical Ceylon but with no real distinguishable taste or character to it. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t make for a bad brew, it is in fact pretty pleasant but it isn’t the greatest Ceylon tea that I have ever tried.


Brewing up to a lovely coppery colour, we have a tea that is reasonably light to drink and refreshing but it just feels very average and nothing extraordinary. I know I can’t like every Ceylon tea but this is just quite plain. Happy to have got this as a freebie, may have felt let down if I had paid for it.



Produced by: Monsoon Mountains

Price: £18.00 p/ 100g

You know me and my love of Ceylon teas well this was one that was included as a sample pack. Brewing up at around 80 degrees, you get a lovely light delicate white tea similar to Silver Needle but this brew is just totally divine. It isn’t cheap but factor in the fact you can resteep this and it is worth the money.


I do like a nice white tea as it doesn’t have that certain green tea “taste” but is perfect for when you don’t want something as heavy as a black or a Pu-erh, This is a beautiful example and one that I would invest in but keep for special occasions. Taste wise it is very light with a slightly sweet taste to it but it is the really delicateness of this tea that is it’s strong point, this is the sort of tea you wouldn’t want to share with anyone! I really enjoyed this and if you want to splash some cash then get yourself some.



Another company that specialises in Sri Lankan teas? This was too good an opportunity to miss so for my next tea order I put in a bulk order for a variety of teas from this wonderful tea producing country. I ordered a mixture from a variety of estates totalling around £50~.


The order arrived the next day, all the teas in sealed bags tied with string and labelled clearly. Brewing notes came seperate with information about the tea and its estate and I also received several complimentary sample packs which was a really lovely and unexpected addition.


It shows that the person who runs this site clearly knows their teas and will help you with suggestions and ideas which for a new person to tea is a real bonus, it doesn’t feel like they are trying to sell to you but to help you select teas they think you will like.

The pricing is very reasonable too especially for the quality of what you are getting. At the time of writing this I’ve tried three of the teas and they are magnificent and tasty and refreshing. The brewing notes are very clear so as not to spoil your teas.


All in all I have no hesitation in recommending Monsoon Mountains Tea Company to you all. The helpful and attentive service plus top notch products is a winning combination, I have months of tea for what I paid and love trying the different varieties of Ceylon teas. If you place an order you will need to do so via PayPal or cheque but it didn’t take long to open an account and link it to my debit card.

Everything considered I would make another purchase from this company and look forward to seeing what new teas are available next year. Keep up the good work Rebecca.

Price: Very reasonable 8 / 10

Information: Excellent. Seperate brewing notes for every tea with information on its background. An improvement? Perhaps this could be printed on the packaging label 8 / 10

Packaging: Brilliant! It looks amazing, every tea having its own string sealed packaging, a real lovely touch. 9 / 10

Service: Really top notch – can not be faulted 10 / 10

Delivery: Arrived the next day! You really can’t fault that and kept informed of the progress throughout 10 / 10

Total: 45 / 50

0131 558 3263


Purchased from:

Price: £1.30 for 50g

It’s no big secret that I love Ceylon teas – they just hit a certain spot in terms of taste and refreshment that the pretentions of a darjeeling doesn’t or hit you like a steamroller such as a big hitting Assam. I saw this and thought what a bargain but then I opened up the packet and this is what I found.


Look again and you can see I hardly felt full of excitement about the quality of this tea, it all felt a tad low quality. Anyway – let’s brew up!


Going with water just off the boil – a four minute brewing time results in a lovely coppery amber colour but devoid of any real aroma or scent. The real truth is in the tasting and this is a reasonable example of a Ceylon but certainly not the greatest I have ever tasted. The astringency is pretty high, leaving quite a sharp dry taste in the mouth afterwards which may not be to everyones taste.

That said at this price what do you want? I’ve paid much more for a high quality Ceylon since then but this isn’t a bad example of the lovely teas that Sri Lanka produces, it’s just not the greatest example either.



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Well you all know my adoration for Ceylon teas by now – there is something about teas from that island that you just don’t seem to get anywhere else. when I don’t need the bulldozer strength of an assam or the pretentions of the latest darjeeling then I find Ceylon offers me the greatest black tea out there. So finding a company that specializes in Ceylon tea and has a great history of doing so, well I wanted to try a small order.


On first glance, the PMD website doesn’t strike you as a retailer, there is plenty there to give you their history, a lovely photo gallery, information on the tea itself and a great brewing guide that is pure simplicity. Boil your kettle – pour in pot and leave for 90 seconds and then add your oolong tea. For a person that believes in simplicity, this tells me clearly what to do to get the best taste from my tea.

PMD also carry teas that I have never seen before hence my interest so I started off with a two tea order not knowing what to expect. As I came to the payment page it stated I needed to use paypal as a payment option but this isn’t an issue if you don’t have an account with them. Then disaster struck as it wouldn’t direct me to paypal so I contacted the site for information and within a couple of hours I had a response apologizing, saying they were in the process of updating the site but that they could take payment via BACS. They asked about what tea I wanted, supplied me with details so I could pay via my online banking and by the end of the day had shipped me out my teas which were posted through my door the next day.

Ordered Monday, here on Tuesday. Spot on

Ordered Monday, here on Tuesday.
Spot on

What I also found a lovely touch is that they care about their customers. They asked about what is what that I liked about Ceylon teas, what had I tried so far and offered me other suggestions and then put me a free sample pack of one of their teas in with my order. Customer service is one thing but customer engagement is the next step up from that and to take an interest in me and my tastes as a consumer really sticks with me.

The teas arrived by first class post and were well packaged in resealable bags with a clear description of the tea and how to brew it. This is important for me as a new person but also when I am happy to spend good money on tea the last thing I want to do is for it to be spoiled by not knowing how to brew it correctly.

Step by step instructions

Step by step instructions

All things considered my experience with PMD Teas was excellent from start to finish, even when hitting a snag when ordering they were quick to remedy that and were helpful along every step of the way. I believe that as customers we are very quick to criticize but never acknowledge good service when it is given. Well today I absolutely commend the lovely people at PMD tea and once I finally get rid of feeling unwell I will give you my thoughts on the teas themselves.

Packaging – 9 / 10

Sound and reseals just fine

Information – 10 / 10

Gives you everything you need to know with more info on the site

Price – 8 / 10

I don’t mind paying for something that is decent quality.

Service – 10 / 10

The best so far. Really set the bar with this one.

Delivery – 10 / 10

Ordered mid morning. Dispatched that afternoon. In my house next day!


PMD Teas = 47 / 50


Manchester isn’t graced with a choice of loose tea suppliers and unless I buy from North Tea Power then it leaves Whittards as my next best option. I have made two purchases from the city centre store in the last few months and as such I just found both experiences nothing special. My first visit was met by a friendly member of staff who was pleasant and polite and asked me what sort of tea that I liked and did I have any particular ones in mind (which I did). My second visit I went in with a less clearly defined vision and again was met with a helpful staff member who went through a strong black tea selection suitable for morning drinking.

Silver needle tea

Silver needle tea

Perhaps I have been spoiled by visiting tea shops in London but it just feels that loose tea in this wonderful city is something that is hard to purchase. Whittards was on both occasions suited to my needs but the whole thing just didn’t seem special in any way. Loose tea is to me like a fine wine or a good quality single malt, if you went into a specialist shop that sold those items how attentive would the service be and what would the selection be like?

Price isn’t unreasonable on some teas, on others it is too high but then if there is a particular tea I want and to buy it online adding in delivery costs it may just be cheaper to buy it at a branch of Whittards. There is also the convenience factor of being able to have your tea there and then to take home with you. The other issue I have here is that you are dictated to how much tea you can buy which if as a rookie your not sure what you are buying then that full bag of tea that you have bought and then discovered you don’t then like has then gone to waste. There are scales in the shop to measure from the container to the packet so isn’t a variety of sizes or trial packs a good option?


The product packaging is pretty sound, a plastic resealable bag with a transparant front and a best before date is written on the back. What isn’t given (and is something of a gripe with me) is any sort of brewing instructions, perhaps this is something that could be looked at or staff could offer this advice.

It’s a real convenience to still have a shop selling loose tea, what would be nice would be larger premises and perhaps a tea tasting bar. One for the future?