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Posted: April 5, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So I invested in one of these lovely devices as I’m a bit of a sucker for gadgets and sometimes I was finding that a teapot was making too little or my tea maker was making too much for those times when I just wanted enough for one mug. £16 isn’t a terrible price for what is a very smart little contraption that is a doddle to use and easy enough to clean. That said I have only used leafy tea up to this point so if I was user finer tea I may feel differently.

It really is simple enough to use, drop your tea in, pour in the water and let it sit for the right time. There is loads of room for the tea to steep and you can see the water slowly changing colour and the leaves unfurling. I have yet to try this with gunpowder tea, maybe that will be next.

It does feel very plasticky and not a particular solid build but at that price what do you want. Placed over a mug, you just press down gently and the brewed tea slowly pours through the base of the unit catching all the used leaves in the top. Cleaning was a case of emptying the used leaves into my compost bin and then rinsing it out so watch out for those left over leaves going down your sink drain pipe.

This is exactly what it is, it is tea making at its simplest. You don’t even need a pot or infuser it really is a nifty little device. If you can use a cafetiere you can use one of these and this makes drinking loose tea really easy for beginners.


Not quite but I thought I’d invest in some new tea brewing equipment: