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Since when did brewing tea become such a complex and complicated procedure. I’m going to rewind back about thirty years and I remember staying with my great auntie and when she made tea it was in a big ceramic pot, a spoonful of tea each, one for luck and hot water, stir it, leave it and put a tea cosy on it! It was that simple. And that tea tasted immense, it was tasty, it was refreshing, it hit the spot, a dash of milk and a spoonful of sugar and some ginger nut biscuits.

Even now I just like to use my cast iron pot and brew it in there or a glass pot and watch as the tea swirls round and the colour changes and pour it through a strainer and hey presto. I have my share of gadgets but for me the best gadgets don’t need an instruction leaflet, take them out the box, wash them and away you go. See my last post about the Ingenuitea device for example.

When I start to read about what is the best kettle to use or how do I know if the water is the right temperature my first thought is just use your bloody common sense. If your kettle boils to 100 degrees, let it cool down for a couple of mins for oolong, five mins perhaps for greens and whites. No need for complication. Do other beverages have such complexity attached. Is there a device for when you open a bottle of red wine that starts a countdown for the optimum breathing time before you guzzle down the vino? 

It’s tea. Hot water, A pot, A cup. Enjoy it – let’s not make it a science.

Keep it simple


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