Posted: March 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m not the biggest fan of Tesco, notable due to the particular branch nearest to me in Failsworth being something of a dire shopping experience. However credit where it is due, Tesco is pushing ahead with a real emphasis on selling lots of different teas, both bagged, temples and unusually in loose leaf form. I have sampled some of their own Finest Breakfast Tea blend before and I didn’t find it much to write home about personally but that’s just personal taste. The last few weeks have seen a massive expansion on the range they sell and now include loose teas supplied by WeAreTea of which I am currently trying their own English Breakfast blend and have found it to be superb.


Fingers crossed this continues and it introduces more people to the pleasure of good quality tea and why it is worth the effort to brew it loose leaf. I have to say I find it a really big decision on Tescos part to go ahead with this for a beverage that many still consider to be old fashioned if drunk in loose leaf form and many customers just want the convenience and cost of teabags. If they know something about a change in the market that we don’t then I can only hope this continues and we see more new products being launched.

The last supermarket that really impressed me with their loose tea choices was Booths but their locations are limited and they don’t have online facilities so it’s nice to see a large retailer such as Tesco taking a leap of faith like this.

My only suggestions would be to get some tea pots, cafetieres, cups etc on a display close to the teas themselves and get doing some promoting of what you are trying to do. If this get’s people drinking good quality tea then this can only be a good thing.





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