OPINION: WeAreTea Ceylon with Vanilla

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Uncategorized


Produced by: WeAreTea

Price: £3.99 for 100g resealable pack / refill

I found this in my local Tesco a few days ago and loving the idea of trying something new I had to get some. I had tried vanilla tea before having bought some Twinnings teabags and found them pleasant but somewhat overpowering both when brewing but also when you taste it – it just feels like the vanilla flavour takes over. This tea was really enjoyable – when you open the packet the aroma of the vanilla is very strong but upon brewing and tasting it takes a back seat, still there but not ruining the tea with its sweetness.


This is a very pleasant tea to drink – a nice refreshing Ceylon punctuated with the sweetness of the vanilla but the two complement each other very nicely. It creates a lovely coloured brew with a sweetness that is tasty but not excessive.



I was very impressed with this tea and it’s availability in a major retailer just two minutes from my front door! The price point of £3.99 is very reasonable for a decent quality product such as this and a 100g bag would last you sometime. No it’s not as cost effective as teabags but how long would a jar of decent coffee last you at a similar price.

A lovely drink and maybe a nice way to get people to try tea without milk too.





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