OPINION: Black Gunpowder Tea

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Purchased from: http://www.tea-and-coffee.com

Price: £2.25 for 50g



Quite possibly one of the blandest teas I have ever tasted, I tried this out of curiosity having tried Green Gunpowder I wanted to try the black tea equivalent. I found this devoid of any real flavour, taste or aroma from the dry leaves, to brewing to the cup.



I have always believed that gunpowder tea was tightly rolled balls of tea, with this they are present but a lot of this tea is just dust and leftovers and as such no real taste comes out.



The final brew is a golden colour but it just feels a real let down, OK it wasn’t expensive but I wouldn’t buy this again from this supplier as it really does taste of very little. Avoid



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