OPINION: Twinings Jasmine Pearls

Posted: November 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Produced by: Twinings

Price: £4.29 fr 15

I’ve never been a real big fan of green teas but then I discovered that boiling water and green tea do not go together. Learning to brew it at a lower temperature was an eye opener, here was the way to get the real delicate taste of a quality green tea to come out. So it surprised me when the brewing instructions on the packaging suggests adding freshly boiled water. These tea temples are a premium product and are people going to get the best taste from them if they don’t taste nice?

Niggles aside these are a lovely tea temple of Jasmine green tea, the story of how the tea is scented is explained on the back of the packaging and when brewing they emit a lovely light floral aroma. To taste is pretty divine too, the delicacy of the green tea is interspersed with the lovely jasmine flavour, a real winning combination. This is a very floral tea, something you could just enjoy sat out in the garden on a pleasant spring day as much as when you really want something that is light and easy to drink.

Twinings have created a lovely tea here and that comes from a person who is indifferent to green tea. Well done.



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