OPINION: Tesco Finest English Breakfast Tea

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Uncategorized


Producer: Tesco

Price: £2.89 for 15

So as part of a new revamp of the finest range sees a launch of new loose tea pyramid bags which I am totally in favour of if it means people are drinking better quality tea as an end result.

This English Breakfast blend gives very little away about the teas origins or the type of leaf used. Its ingredients list is just 100% black tea but no further information follows. Brewing instructions are pretty straightforward to follow with a three minute brew time suggested.


Upon brewing it gives a lovely coppery colour and with breakfast tea I add a little milk. Taste wise was very disappointing and I have tasted better quality from cheaper branded teabags. This is a real shame as I hoped this would work but Tesco haven’t got the taste and flavours right in this, its just very average. Looking at the tea used it doesn’t look great quality for a premium product, the image below shows the tea leaves once brewed.


However I do give Tesco credit for trying this but as a product this really didn’t hit the spot with me.



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