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Well you all know my adoration for Ceylon teas by now – there is something about teas from that island that you just don’t seem to get anywhere else. when I don’t need the bulldozer strength of an assam or the pretentions of the latest darjeeling then I find Ceylon offers me the greatest black tea out there. So finding a company that specializes in Ceylon tea and has a great history of doing so, well I wanted to try a small order.


On first glance, the PMD website doesn’t strike you as a retailer, there is plenty there to give you their history, a lovely photo gallery, information on the tea itself and a great brewing guide that is pure simplicity. Boil your kettle – pour in pot and leave for 90 seconds and then add your oolong tea. For a person that believes in simplicity, this tells me clearly what to do to get the best taste from my tea.

PMD also carry teas that I have never seen before hence my interest so I started off with a two tea order not knowing what to expect. As I came to the payment page it stated I needed to use paypal as a payment option but this isn’t an issue if you don’t have an account with them. Then disaster struck as it wouldn’t direct me to paypal so I contacted the site for information and within a couple of hours I had a response apologizing, saying they were in the process of updating the site but that they could take payment via BACS. They asked about what tea I wanted, supplied me with details so I could pay via my online banking and by the end of the day had shipped me out my teas which were posted through my door the next day.

Ordered Monday, here on Tuesday. Spot on

Ordered Monday, here on Tuesday.
Spot on

What I also found a lovely touch is that they care about their customers. They asked about what is what that I liked about Ceylon teas, what had I tried so far and offered me other suggestions and then put me a free sample pack of one of their teas in with my order. Customer service is one thing but customer engagement is the next step up from that and to take an interest in me and my tastes as a consumer really sticks with me.

The teas arrived by first class post and were well packaged in resealable bags with a clear description of the tea and how to brew it. This is important for me as a new person but also when I am happy to spend good money on tea the last thing I want to do is for it to be spoiled by not knowing how to brew it correctly.

Step by step instructions

Step by step instructions

All things considered my experience with PMD Teas was excellent from start to finish, even when hitting a snag when ordering they were quick to remedy that and were helpful along every step of the way. I believe that as customers we are very quick to criticize but never acknowledge good service when it is given. Well today I absolutely commend the lovely people at PMD tea and once I finally get rid of feeling unwell I will give you my thoughts on the teas themselves.

Packaging – 9 / 10

Sound and reseals just fine

Information – 10 / 10

Gives you everything you need to know with more info on the site

Price – 8 / 10

I don’t mind paying for something that is decent quality.

Service – 10 / 10

The best so far. Really set the bar with this one.

Delivery – 10 / 10

Ordered mid morning. Dispatched that afternoon. In my house next day!


PMD Teas = 47 / 50


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