OPINION: Teapigs Popcorn Tea

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Producer: Teapigs

Price: £4.15 for 15

So this is Genmaicha – or popcorn tea to its friends. Originating from humble origins whereby the poorer people of Japanese society blended green tea with toasted rice to make the tea last longer. I do like a good story about the background of my tea (don’t start me on monkey picked oolong) but this for me was all about the curiosity of how this will taste.

Green tea is very hit and miss with me and sometimes that has come from brewing for too long or using water which is too hot so please do bear that in mind when brewing up. It doesn’t need long to brew and let that boiled kettle cool down for a good few minutes to drop down to around 80%. This will bring out the best taste of the tea and should help to alleviate the bitterness or nasty taste that many people associate with green tea.

I can’t see myself drinking this on a regular basis, it is pleasant and “popcorn” isn’t really how I would describe it, more like a savoury rice cake taste to it. No bad thing as far as I am concerned but this doesn’t taste like your regular bag of Butterkist either if that is what you are expecting from this.

Definitely one to try, even if it is just to say you have tried it.



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