OPINION: Teapigs Chai Tea

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Producer: Teapigs

Price: £4.15 for 15

There seems to be something that works really well with chai tea, blending black tea with a variety of Indian spices. In the Teapigs version it starts with an Assam and blends in cinnamon, clove and ginger to create a tea with some real oomph.

I do like a good cup of chai tea and find it nice as a summer drink, as weird as that might sound but the concept of a tea that originates from such a hot country as India must work really well in that rarity that is the British summer.

Does it work? Well it is refreshing and the taste of the spices really do come to the fore but if I had one negative to raise it would be that in the ones I have tried, the clove really takes over. Now I do love the taste of cloves and think its a really tasty spice but in this tea it just seems to come to the fore and other flavours seem to struggle to come through as a result. No bad thing but it just doesn’t feel balanced.

Price wise it is a premium tea temple and as a result of the quality ingrediants you will pay more than you would for a chai tea from a teabag. Is it worth it? Well I still liked this tea but your £4.29 gets you 15 drinks so the question is how does this compare to buying a loose leaf chai tea? One to think about.

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