Good quality teabags?

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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One question I get asked a lot is what would I drink if I was using tea bags? So for those UK based readers and those who can import here are my favourites:

4. Lancashire Tea


Still a fledgling company in the realms of the tea world, this is a proper Northern blend that shows those on the wrong side of the Pennines how it should be done. A good quality all round tea, would work well with a full breakfast and a big fat dirty mug of this.

3. Morrisons Signature Ceylon Tea


Truly delicious, really nails that thirst. Fine for a breakfast tea but I love this in an afternoon with a few biscuits too.



It is exactly what it says on the packaging, a lovely refreshing blend of teas that loses the strength associated with a quality breakfast tea but still has a certain strength of its own that really hits the spot.

1. Dilmah English Breakfast Tea


Ok, quelle surprise! It wasn’t intentional that a Ceylon tea took the top spot as I have been drinking this for over a year now and have found it to be the ideal bagged tea I have ever tasted. Coupled with its ethical background whereby they grow and pack everything themselves just adds something that makes you feel involved in what you are buying. A truly tasty tea – no it doesn’t hit the spot of a quality Ceylon loose tea but this is a great substitute. They also do an afternoon blend and Earl Grey but I have yet to sample these.


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