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Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Well imagine my surprise when I found a nice new selection of tea temples being sold in my local Tesco plus a revamp on their Finest loose tea selection. Inspired by Twinings and Teapigs perhaps but either way it is good to see more choice being made available to their customers.

I started with tea temples over a year ago and understand that they bridge a gap between those who seek more than just teabag-tea but those who don’t want to be weighing and measuring out loose tea and trying to judge brewing times etc. These sit right in the middle allowing a close replication of loose tea but without needing a teapot (plus infuser), strainer and various other utensils.

As far as I’m concerned if it gets people to drink better quality tea then I’m all for it.


Good on Tesco for making this move and getting these products out there and in time I will be sampling them to see how they compare against their competitors. They do look appealing and they have started with a range of teas and tisanes that with their brightly coloured packaging leap off the shelf at you.


Pricing is pretty good too, £2.89 for 15 compared to over £4 for it’s nearest competitors and I look forward to trying the ones above, green rooibus and pear sounds a lovely night time drink doesn’t it?


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