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Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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One of the key things on my tea quest so far has been learning about the different types of tea and most importantly how to brew them correctly.

I’ve just made a lovely green tea that when I first tried it months ago I found to be bitter and really didn’t like the taste of it. Learning to brew it at a lower temperature and knocking that brewing time to around two minutes has made the world of difference.

So yes it has taken a bit of trial and error but ensuring I understand brewing instructions has been one of the biggest lessons and most definitely the most important too.

We all spend good money on tea yet as people new to tea was I ruining it by not having the right instructions.

No two teas are the same and they will all have their own way of brewing.

Till next time

  1. As a non-tea expert person, I never would have thought to try brewing green tea at a lower temperature to make it taste less bitter. Thanks for the tip! I will try again at some point.
    I happen to have 2 packs of green tea bags, 1 Twinings (years old) and 1 Sainsbury’s (new). Only the Sainsbury’s instruct you to allow the water to cool a little.

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