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My third online order came from TeaLux – all the way over in Montreal, Canada! First impressions of the website give nothing away to indicate its origins, from its domain name and the fact that all the teas and teaware are priced in GBP. I came across TeaLux at there was a particular tea I was looking for (Hong Yu – Red Jade) and a particular oolong and both of these were sold on their site. Nice little bonus.


Pricing seems pretty reasonable (it was the cheapest place for the Red Jade) so all was going well. Pricing was pretty decent and a nice cheeky little 10% off your first order comes in handy too. The website is clear to navigate with the different tea types headed near the top of the page, when you click on the tea you want you see the different pricing options, an enlargable image of the tea plus a nice little write up of the tea itself.


However (isn’t there always one of these!) when ordering from TeaLux you need to factor in the delivery time. The order was placed on Friday 8th October and was delivered on Saturday 16th so if you are not in a hurry for your tea then ordering from TeaLux shouldn’t be an issue.

The packaging is pretty sound, nice colours and clear brewing instructions adorn the back, advising you the measurements per 200ml of water used, from this I learned my glass bodum mug meant upping the amount of tea used by 50%. A nice addition is the caffeine counter too which demonstrates the caffeine level of each tea.

Lovely packaging with plenty of info

Lovely packaging with plenty of info

TeaLux isn’t the cheapest out there but they do have teas that I haven’t found elsewhere or where they do exist then TeaLux has better pricing too. Just don’t forget to factor in that delivery time when ordering.

Packaging – 10 / 10

Look at the above picture. Reseals just fine.

Information – 8 / 10

Uses symbols and gives you the brewing instructions and amount of tea per 200ml so you can judge it to your own cup / pot

Price – 7 / 10

Four decent teas, 50g packs plus delivery = £30 ish

Service – 7 / 10

Kept informed during the order process as it happened through to the dispatch date

Delivery – 1 / 10

Too slow for me.  Would be nice to have an idea how long deliveries usually take.


TeaLux (UK) = 33 / 50


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