More bloody tea – why bother?

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello and thanks for reading.

So why another blog about tea?

Put simply, I want to make this blog about tea being accessible to anyone. I always associated loose tea and teapots with old women or something that you have when you go out for afternoon tea and yet here is something that we can all enjoy in our homes, every day of the week.

When I went looking for blogs about tea it all feels very quaint and there was very little out there that looked at, reviewed and rated individual teas and companies that supply them.

So far my experience has put me in contact with supermarkets, Whittards and online suppliers such as and and I am to give you my thoughts and insight into them from a customer point of view in regard to the quality of the product, delivery, time, packaging and tasting notes. But lets not get into that too soon.

I want MBT to be about tea for us all, how nothing beats loose tea, made from a teapot and is something that we can all enjoy. No complex terminology here, just a practical guide and thoughts on a good brew and the companies that supply it.

  1. As still a relative newcomer to tea, it’s good to find a blog that has information on different teas. There are an awful lot out there, and all tea is certainly not equal. I like that you keep it simple and straightforward. Thanks!

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