Do I hate using teabags?

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

There seems to be a common belief that because I drink loose tea that I have a real aversion to using the humble teabag, like it is a leper or something that mustn’t be touched or used.

Nothing could be further from the truth

For many years I used teabags primarily because I had never known that doing a bit of legwork and spending a few minutes brewing a pot of loose tea is worthwhile. The teabag for me serves a purpose, for those not interested in the taste difference between loose tea and bagged tea I’m not even going to attempt to convert you. For those in a rush in a morning when lobbing one in a mug with some boiling water is the best option then I fully understand. I still do that too.

I have no aversion to teabags nor do I wish for people not to use them. It’s your cup of tea, make it however you want. What I will say however, is that for very little extra work the rewards of taste and flavour that loose tea offers is worth the small amount of effort that it takes to make it.

This is where MBT comes in, for me and you who are still new and are happy to try loose tea but don’t know where to start.


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